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    sending positive vibes and strength to all the people of color who are going back to school at predominantly white institutions where we don’t see ourselves reflected in the textbooks, curriculum, or campus concerns, and who are also dealing with living in a society that doesn’t care about our…

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    The folks over at transhousingnetwork asked me to write something about how to be a good roommmate to someone living with HIV, so I did!

    As has previously been noted on this blog, I am a trans woman who has been living with HIV/AIDS for eight years, which puts me somewhere between “treatment…

    Long, but interesting, hmmm.

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  • publicshaming:

    Asiana Airlines Flight 214, a Boeing 777, from Seoul, South Korea crashed upon landing at the San Francisco International Airport today. Upon hearing the terrible news, many people checked the world wide web to find any info they could about the tragedy.

    Others, well, I think this tweet…

    UGH. Disgusting how ignorant, stupid, and insensitive people are.

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  • ohmyasian:

    This goes to show that the Asian “model minority” stereotype and perceived success of Asian-Americans raises several misconceptions about Asian-Americans in the United States. 

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  • Why I almost defriended everyone who had an HRC logo as their profile photo this week


    It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that, though I didn’t think about this at the time, I probably started a blog because I need somewhere to vent my boundless rage that is not random people’s Facebook walls. I mean, one thing among the many thousands of things that are guaranteed to raise my blood pressure is when folks get all “the internet isn’t real, and it’s not a viable platform for communication,” but also like, Facebook fights are dumb, I’m supposed to be an adult now.

    So here’s the thing that got me all het up this week: gay marriage.


    Specifically, these goddamn things: 


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